Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Remberence

Anyone ever truly believe spirits say goodbye when they leave? I used to wonder, used to question it until a specific evening 10 years ago today.

My uncle left this world and went on to somewhere better. But as he was leaving, he stopped to say goodbye. To this day, I can look back and remember where I was and what happened like it was yesterday.

I was at work, working a 16 hour shift (night) in an Adult Foster Care Home in Fowlerville, MI. I had gotten everyone tucked into bed, was getting ready to fold the last of the laundry watching an old classic on AMC - something with Tom Cruise. I had just put the sheets on the couch I would be sleeping on and was sitting down when I felt a breeze. It wasnt just a breeze. The doors were all closed. It was January in Michigan, the windows were not even open a crack. The breeze came across my feet first and wrapped around me, almost in a spiriling swoop, and then the curtain shifted. And then it was gone. It was a breeze that made me stop what I was doing for a second. And then moments later, my cell phone rang. It was my dad telling me the news. From that moment on, I never doubtd when someone would say they could/can feel a presence.

Ten years ago today. He left behind a family, who he would be so proud of now. His daughters are both beautiful and both with degrees in social services. He would NOT be dissapointed.

So here is to you Dave, Pops, Husband, Brother, Uncle. We are all thinking of you today and I think there are many who are having a toast of either Dewers or Jameson in your name. We love you.


schaiblejen said...

oh... i got chills reading that!

Anonymous said...

wow, Jess, thanks for the nice memories and tribute to David. It really means a lot to me and all of us who love him!

Annaliese said...

It's crazy how much you remember those moments even after 10 years. Thanks for the thoughts. Miss you all already!