Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jack turns 2

Jack turned the ripe 'ol age of 2 this past Thursday. We had a great time at 'Out of This World Pizza' that was also a play land. Jack and Corra (his cousin) loved it. There were bounce houses, push carts they rode on and a huge climbing gym with slides. And the is NOT a special sugar free cupcake. We just counted the carbs for it and let him enjoy.

For Jacks birthday, we had an unexpected pirate theme. His aunt Denise and us, the parents, managed to both get Jack pirate items. Lately hes been so into the "Arrr" of a pirate. He ended up getting a couple pirate patches, a hook hand, and a bloody sword, which dad says we will have to put away for a while. I thought that idea was stupid (the putting it away, I'm the one who bought the damn thing) until tonight when I received a jab in the eye!! It really hurt! It even made me see a bright light!! I wonder what that means...anyways, so now I might be on board with it going away for a bit.

He got a chair from "Ammy & Ampy" so now he can kick back with daddy and watch the game....or as I'm sure Jack would prefer....Nemo. The kid is obsessed with Nemo these days. We did get him a few other videos, so we will have to see if he digs them as much as Nemo.

The best part was how much fun he had. It was a great birthday and I know we all had a lot of fun, most importantly, the birthday boy. He even ended up staying up an hour past his bedtime b/c we just had to let him keep playing until the place closed (which was his bedtime). Ahhh.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy toddler talk

Tonight my hubby and I were staying SO on top of things and ahead of the game shopping for Jacks birthday gifts. (Did I mention his birthday is tomorrow?? I think my procrastination is rubbing off on the fam!) The stroller was at home while we were at the mall; and dont you know we are too cheep to spend $5.00 to "rent" a stroller that looks like a little car!! Jack would have loved to drive around in a car! But no, we had to carry him all over the mall (we were in a hurry so we couldnt let him walk...the kid moves at a toddlers pace...but then again, hes a toddler.)

Craig was carrying him and I swear, the kid gets smarter every day! He says, in his broken English, "I sorry. I sorry. Daddy tired. Too big. Heavy. Mama carryary you (meaning him)" I mean, did he really put those thoughts together?? Does he really understand that he gets heavy?? Hes not even 2!! I can still claim that until tomorrow. Craig wasnt even complaining...I think he was just shifting Jacks weight around. Wow...he amazes me. He is SUCH a cutie! I cant imagine my life without him. And he will NEVER be too heavy. I love having him in my arms!

And also today, he got to be a big helper. He always helps the midwife turn on the doppler and he helps find the babys heartbeat. Before we start, he says, "Listen Sophies heart" and when he has the doppler on my belly (with a little help from the midwife) his face lights up and he says, "Sophies heart. Sophies heart." He is getting so vocal, and so clear with his words. The midwife today asked how old he was and stated his speech was very clear for his again. I think I mentioned in a previous blog that hes advanced....I think it was the potty training post. Ahh, what a proud mama to have a son so advanced...I did mention he is starting first grade didnt I??

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A New Exhibitionist

I was very alarmed to find we have an exhibitionist on our street. I found him in my back yard on the porch and was stunned. He hadnt yet fully unclothed, but he was working on it when I caught him. I debated calling the police, but instead I did manage to snap a photo of the perpetrator so I could post for all to see. Its a scary world out there! (Not to mention it was COLD out!)