Monday, June 22, 2009


I discovered something yesterday that I have known for a while, but it is always continuously happening right under me that I am able to somewhat ignore it.

Fathers Day: We come home from the cabin and I, knowing that it will end up being ME who cleans the house at some point, decides I would like to do it NOW instead of when Im home with the kiddos all week. Now this is not saying it wont happen again anyways, I guess I just wasnt feeling like doing it all today (Monday).

Craig takes Jack with him for his run. I end up having to put miss Sophia in the Bjorn, but thats OK. Its us girls rocking out to the new Black Eyed Peas Album and cleaning. And I mean cleaning. I swept, mopped, got all the dishes done, wiped the counters with Clorox, vacuumed, put our clothes upstairs from our weekend trip, picked up Jacks toys. Now the house was in good order, I felt like wow, I had finally accomplished somethiing, (I think since Jack wasnt under foot creating a mess two steps behind me). Yes!! They get home, and I do the whole dinner thing, then its my turn to go out for a run. Ahh, a nice evening run. The weather was perfact, I knew I would be comming home to a clean house, priceless.

I walk in the door and shriek: "What happened to my clean house?!!"

* Notice I said MY clean house

There is some kind of green flaky stuff all over the computer room floor, the fouton in the computer room...

Before I even have a chance to ask/say anything more, my husband, who is sitting in the chair at the computer looks at me and says "Ill get it...Jack had a spice jar (not just any spice know the large size spice container). Well, it had the paper seal on it, so I let him play with it not thinking he would get it open. Well, he did, and Ive got the downstairs blocked'll see why. But I'll get it"

I just cant stand looking at my once. 30 minutes ago, pristine floors with this dried parsley all over. I proceed to go further into the house....ther is more, on the stairs going up, but he must have decided not to go up the stairs b/c there were only 2 steps with parsley. I then follow the trail....into the kitchen and see the downstairs blocked with a baby gate we no longer use. There is the moterload. And I thought it looked like a lot of parsley on the floor/fouton before. These steps were COVERED with the bottle of dried parsley on the landing to go down. It could have been worse. It could have been a Costco size container.

My discovery is that it is Jack. It has always been Jack, but now, I can truely say, Im gone for 30 minutes and you would never even know I had spent all that time cleaning. So, what do I do?? Grab the broom and vacuum. I know he said he would get it...but I wanted it taken care of right then, not in 15 I did it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My back hurts...

My back hurts, my bra's too tight, I swing my hips to the left, to the left, to the left and to the right!!

Anyone remember this from when you were a kid?? I vaguely do, but man, I'm feeling it!! My damn back is KILLIN me from toting around these kiddos! Sophia I get...I mean, shes only 11 weeks old and she needs to be carried around most of the day. Jack however, well, he just needs it. "I need up mama. I need up mama!" And me?? I'm going to be in TROUBLE when they get older if I don't learn how to say no soon. I'm such a softie....especially when it comes to Jack. I don't want him feeling like hes lost any attention since Sophia came I pretty much do what ever he wants. Like I said. Ive got to change so I wont be a doormat later! And Sophie, well, I'll probably be a softie with her too, its just she doesn't need much at the moment. I change her when shes poopy, I feed her when shes hungry, and I carry her around a fair share of the time. Oh, and don't forget all the bending over I do to help the boy out....with toys, trying to ride his bike, picking him up, etc. But now, DAMN!! My back is EFFIN killing me!! So maybe this is why this childhood rhyme is coming back to me!

My back hurts, my bra's too tight, I swing my hips to the left, to the left, to the left and to the right!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Accident Prone

Am I a bad mom, or is my tot just prone to tumbles and bruises?? I swear my two year old gets him self into more injuries. Today we were on our way to the park and I'm walking right behind him. Hes going down the stairs and I see it in slow motion. I swear it looked like he had both feet in one step. And then he was in a somersault position, and he literally somersaulted down the stairs of our deck! He would have scored a 9.0 if he was competing. His form was perfect. Knees tucked toward chest, chin in, arms out and (I think) around his legs. It happened so fast I couldn't see his face. Here I am, Ive got Sophia in the Bjorn and I (we) race to Jack. Hes bitten his tongue, tears streaming down his face, and letting out that shrill cry which is preceded by that silent cry. Poor kiddo. I immediately picked him up (Sophia was kind enough to scoot over a little and share my chest/arm space). I thought he got away with just a small cut on his tongue and a few abrasions to his hairline. But tonight as I was hosing him off in the tub, hes developed these small welts on both cheeks. I swear, I hate this. I feel like hes always getting banged up somehow. I don't care if he is a boy, his mama doesn't like it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Peaceful Moment

Do you ever have a moment just to your self?? Well, I thought I was having one right now. I had fed lil Sophia and she fell asleep in my arms. I ever so carefully laid her on the couch and cozied her up. And WOW she stayed asleep! I then wrangled my 2 yr old and stopped his stalling tactics from going up for a nap....managed to put him down without too much of a fight. YEA! And I came to catch up on my email, FB, blog. (Transitioning!) And I was able to make some french pressed coffee! Now you know that whole, Ive got two free arms and loads of stuff to do....but hesitant not wanting to wake two sleeping babes. Then it starts. The neighbors. School is out and the damn kids are always playing outside. Cant they stay inside and eat and play video games?? No, they have to be healthy active kids. Did I mention loud?? They are playing baseball with a metal bat, "TING," practically in my backyard and yelling at each other. Either someone ran too far "you missed the ball!", "no I'm not out you didn't get didn't get me!!', or celebration that there is now "2 outs yaAA!" It wouldn't be bad except that I have two sleeping babies!! Make that only one....since I put (transitioning) above. I wanted to kill them, but its only Sophia who is now awake...she just needs to nurse more. But if they wake up Jack...I will be so pissed!! I'll want to make them wish they were playing video games. But you know what?? I cant even say anything, or do anything about it. They are outside on a nice day having fun, the kids that they are. I'm just the crotchety old bitch. KEEP IT DOWN!! And just like that, my two free arms and moment of silence is gone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2, 3, 4

Ask Jack how many of something...anything, and he usually responds with 2, 3, 4...or 2, 3, 4, 5. He usually has the end number correct (maybe its just chance), but without fail....he ALWAYS skips the 1. I think he doesnt think the number 1 exists.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diabetes, what a scare

Update for fam & friends.

First, Jack. Jack has been sick since last Thursday. It started as what I thought was strep (since I had strep), then that evening, I knew it was something else....YUCK. Jacks first encounter with vomit. Not just vomit....the kind that comes out your nose. Now I dont know about you, but I HATE throwing up more than anything....and if it came out my nose....oh, I'd want to die! Luckily for him it was just the one time. Then came the diarrhea. Lots of diarrhea. Every morning it was a race to get him out of his bed and hosed off in the shower, and get his bedding (not such the big deal) and bunny (the big deal) cleaned in time for for his nap. The kid will NOT sleep with out his bunny....and since it looked like it too had diarrhea, it was imperative that the bunny "take a bath." With all this crap going on, Jacks sugars have been SO out of whack! Monday was a BAD day. I could NOT get his blood sugar up. After breakfast he said he needed juice, so I check him...55. Ok, no prob, weve been here before...give the kid some juice. Well, 4 or 5 juices later his blood sugar was finally barely over 100 (YEA!) and the kid was SICK of juice....this also made his diarrhea worse! Again, after lunch as I was putting him down for a nap he tells me he needs juice....I check and sure enough, he was low again. And again it was the same charade. I could NOT get it up. He ended up having no nap b/c we spent 2.5 hours trying to get his blood sugar up. Dinner time he was ok, and before we went to bed, we checked him this one about knocked us over. 36. 36!! 36 is the LOWEST blood sugar we have ever had. Now we not only had to get the kid to drink juice, and lots of it, but we also had to wake him up. He was so cranky and just didnt want to drink. Craig had bought Hershey bar...he wouldnt eat it.....he also bought some sugary gel by Hubba Bubba. He finally took some of it, and liked the fact that it was sour. Oh, and we tried soda...but he said it was, get this, "spicy" must have been the carbonation. We didnt know what to do. Craig was wishing we had IV supplies at home so I could just start an IV on the kid and infuse dextrose in his veins. After 36 and a long slow recovery, we called his doctor. Its been kinda great. Yesterday and today he has only had 1 shot of insulin at meal time (he usually has a shot at every meal) but since hes been dropping so much, the doc had us only give him a tiny amount if he was over 250. I dont know what this GI bug has done to him....we were thinking it would be great if a virus reversed this disease...not a chance, but boy, wouldnt that be nice. Anyways, today he was high...and I have never been so relieved to see a high blood sugar. Whew. And also, Im so proud of Jack. This is what he said this morning as we were watching toons, "I need a juice. I feel funny." Unprompted. This is the first time he has ever put the words I feel funny with how he was feeling. Sure enough, he was a little low...but nothing like the other day. SCARY! But, hes getting over this GI bug and his sugars have been high all day, looks like we will be back to injections tomorrow.

Sophia: she is growing. Not really doing much on her own, you know, eat, sleep, poop, cry demanding milk. But she is starting to really coo. Its so cute. Her most active time is in the evenings. We just cant wait to see what her personality is like.

All in all, we are doing good here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I dont want a piece of you, I want the whole damn thing!

A couple nights ago I was putting my toddler (27 mo.) to bed....or trying to. From below, this is what my hubby heard.

Jack: Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!!

Me: Jackson, come here!

Jack: Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!!

Me: Hey, get over here mister!

Me: Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!!

Jack: YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?! with his hands up for a play fight.

Me: Laughter. (As I pick him up and concede.)

How did this start?? Well, thanks to his "amppy" (grandpa). He gets him going in a play fight and they put their fists up to eachother yelling "you wanna piece of me!" Its entertaining, but not near as entertaining when Jack did this unprompted. Kids these days, where do they learn such things!!

Oh, right...where have I been...

If you hadn't figured it out...Ive been adjusting to parenthood of two. Things are good....Jack is sick, Sophia is not. She is growing, still sleeping in the bed with us, trying to figure out how to transition her to the bassinet, Jack is being a great big bro. We cant wait to see what kind of personality we have created in lil Soph....we think we did pretty damn good with Jack. The poor dog is neglected...we forgot to feed him for an entire day!! Oh, sorry Roscoe. So, Ill try to be better, and Ill try to get some pics up.
See YA.

Where have you been??

Holy SHIT! Has it seriously been this long since Ive been on this site?? What the....where has time gone?? And I want to know why all you mammas out there have time for this? I can even get the damn laundry done. Really, I cant. I end up letting it pile up until we are about out of underwear (good thing Jack is still in diapers, he'd be wearing some sort of rigged undies made from socks left over from the sock monster in the dryer)! I mean seriously. How do you do it?? I barley have time to check my email. Good thing I can access face book on my phone! I swear, I spend all day cleaning, and you'd NEVER know it. Which brings me to a memory....I remember going to peoples houses who had kids and thinking to my self "What the hell...don't these people know how to clean their house?? Haven't they ever heard of picking up after themselves??" And then, today, I had an epiphaony. Yes, I did, I had an epiphany. This came after I was trying to justify (jessify, as my husband calls it) my shamble of a house to my mother in law. Seriously. Did I really need to be giving an explanation to her?? Well, now I know....HOUSES CANNOT STAY PICKED UP WITH AN INFANT WHO IS ON THE BOOB MOST OF THE DAY AND A TODDLER PULLING EVERYTHING OUT INTO THE OPEN!! Its like its against the laws of physics....its scientifically proven, this theory of mine, right?? Y'all let me know how you do it and still manage to post shit. Lucky.