Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Accident Prone

Am I a bad mom, or is my tot just prone to tumbles and bruises?? I swear my two year old gets him self into more injuries. Today we were on our way to the park and I'm walking right behind him. Hes going down the stairs and I see it in slow motion. I swear it looked like he had both feet in one step. And then he was in a somersault position, and he literally somersaulted down the stairs of our deck! He would have scored a 9.0 if he was competing. His form was perfect. Knees tucked toward chest, chin in, arms out and (I think) around his legs. It happened so fast I couldn't see his face. Here I am, Ive got Sophia in the Bjorn and I (we) race to Jack. Hes bitten his tongue, tears streaming down his face, and letting out that shrill cry which is preceded by that silent cry. Poor kiddo. I immediately picked him up (Sophia was kind enough to scoot over a little and share my chest/arm space). I thought he got away with just a small cut on his tongue and a few abrasions to his hairline. But tonight as I was hosing him off in the tub, hes developed these small welts on both cheeks. I swear, I hate this. I feel like hes always getting banged up somehow. I don't care if he is a boy, his mama doesn't like it.

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