Monday, June 22, 2009


I discovered something yesterday that I have known for a while, but it is always continuously happening right under me that I am able to somewhat ignore it.

Fathers Day: We come home from the cabin and I, knowing that it will end up being ME who cleans the house at some point, decides I would like to do it NOW instead of when Im home with the kiddos all week. Now this is not saying it wont happen again anyways, I guess I just wasnt feeling like doing it all today (Monday).

Craig takes Jack with him for his run. I end up having to put miss Sophia in the Bjorn, but thats OK. Its us girls rocking out to the new Black Eyed Peas Album and cleaning. And I mean cleaning. I swept, mopped, got all the dishes done, wiped the counters with Clorox, vacuumed, put our clothes upstairs from our weekend trip, picked up Jacks toys. Now the house was in good order, I felt like wow, I had finally accomplished somethiing, (I think since Jack wasnt under foot creating a mess two steps behind me). Yes!! They get home, and I do the whole dinner thing, then its my turn to go out for a run. Ahh, a nice evening run. The weather was perfact, I knew I would be comming home to a clean house, priceless.

I walk in the door and shriek: "What happened to my clean house?!!"

* Notice I said MY clean house

There is some kind of green flaky stuff all over the computer room floor, the fouton in the computer room...

Before I even have a chance to ask/say anything more, my husband, who is sitting in the chair at the computer looks at me and says "Ill get it...Jack had a spice jar (not just any spice know the large size spice container). Well, it had the paper seal on it, so I let him play with it not thinking he would get it open. Well, he did, and Ive got the downstairs blocked'll see why. But I'll get it"

I just cant stand looking at my once. 30 minutes ago, pristine floors with this dried parsley all over. I proceed to go further into the house....ther is more, on the stairs going up, but he must have decided not to go up the stairs b/c there were only 2 steps with parsley. I then follow the trail....into the kitchen and see the downstairs blocked with a baby gate we no longer use. There is the moterload. And I thought it looked like a lot of parsley on the floor/fouton before. These steps were COVERED with the bottle of dried parsley on the landing to go down. It could have been worse. It could have been a Costco size container.

My discovery is that it is Jack. It has always been Jack, but now, I can truely say, Im gone for 30 minutes and you would never even know I had spent all that time cleaning. So, what do I do?? Grab the broom and vacuum. I know he said he would get it...but I wanted it taken care of right then, not in 15 I did it.

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