Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is there something between your legs??


That was your warning. You may proceed at your own risk.

Today I had my last 2 week appt with my its once a week until baby arrives. It scared me in more ways than one....youll see.
I had my cervix checked today just because of all the "braxton-hicks" contractions Ive been having and she says to me while she has her hand shoved up my..... "WHOA. Do you feel like your walking with something hanging out between your legs?? Your baby is right here! Shes at station zero." (what ever that means, Ill have to google it later. Its been too long since I had my maternity classes in nursing school...but I knew it meant something). After talking with her, Ive been instructed to PAY ATTENTION to my body. Ok, another sign that this girl is NOT acting like our little boy. He didnt even stop to ask for directions (mandatory c-sect)!! BOYS!! She not only has made sure to get directions for the way out, but I think she is NOT taking after me....Im late for everything, shes already ready and will likely be early....damn her father for insisting on being at least 10 minutes early to things!! That was only the first part of the scare. Ok, we really better get things in order...and pick out a middle name. Maybe we will get to that after this weekend.

The second scare. Am I absolutely crazy?? Seriously. I began to question the decision I have/had made. Just her checking the cervix...OUCH. Do I seriously WANT to have a VBAC?? I mean being flayed open by professionals wasnt so bad, was it?? Do I want MORE pain/discomfort (I think discomfort may not be the right word....go back to pain) than that?? She says as your body gets more ready things "loosen up on their own," really?? do they really?? So now Im questioning the decision to have a VBAC. I guess I still have time to change my mind if I want to. HUMMM....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early Bird NOT welcome

As of recently, I feel our little girl is trying to breach her presence into this world a little too quickly. About a week ago I was having some contractions more intense than the normal braxton-hicks. Then the last couple days, I have been feeling somewhat painful contractions. Not too bad, like that time of the month, you know. Well last night I was awakened at 1:30 by this painful tightness in my back and belly. For an hour this was going on and I debated....should I call my midwife?? Its 2AM, I dont really want to wake anyone up if this is a false alarm. I contemplated driving myself to the hospital to be "checked out" and make sure this was not premature labor, but I decided I would wait and see how long this endured.

By this Friday, we are "out of the NICU" if the baby came early. And though that is refreshing, I would like her to stay put for at least 2 1/2 more weeks. We are not even ready for her! Ive been thinking for the last week...maybe we should get things ready....but it has remained only this...a thought. I seriously thought last noc/this AM that I SHOULD get a bag packed....I SHOULD find the car seat and wash it, and I SHOULD get the bassinet out and wash it. All things that I SHOULD do...but today I napped instead.

So, until I have any more, I wont worry about it. I will tell my midwife when I see her on Thursday, but in the meantime, I think Ill just monitor it on my own. Oh yes, and drink LOTS of water. Ive drank 2 liters so far today and still guzzling!

So BABY GIRL, we are not ready for you yet. STAY PUT!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

new shift

UGGG!!! I finally cut back to 8 hour shifts at work, which is nice, but at the same time sucks. I still need to work my 24 hrs a week in order to not LOOSE any of my time off that I plan on using for maternity leave. So now I am working 3 days a week 11-7. One nice part is that from here on out, until July I will not have to wake up to an alarm, which also means that my new alarm is Jack, but thats ok b/c its still sleeping in. Its an 8am wake up instead of a 5:30am wake up. LOVELY...sleeping in!! AND, I now get to see Jack (and if its my weekend to work, my hubby) in the mornings before going to work, AND in the evening. I actually like the hours, it will be strange to go back to getting up and being going ALL day again. But today, 8 hours or not, we were BUSY. On top of being busy, Im getting Jacks cold and feel run down and ragged.

6 more weeks to go before baby girl gets here!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Potty training

Jack is just years ahead of his time!! Right?? Boys dont usually begin potty training until they are at LEAST FOUR, right?? Well, my super star son is getting this thing down...and hes NOT EVEN TWO!! Hes been peeing on the "potty" since Friday just when ever we sit him on it. But last night, at dinner, the kid is finished eating and says, "Jackson go potty." Craig and I just look at eachother and say, "You need to go potty?" He says (in his cute lil voice), "Yahhh." So we both get up and run him to the potty. Sure enough, the lil tot pees!! Wow. Is he ahead of the game or what?!

On the other I really ready to start the world of potty training and pull-ups?? I guess it could be worse.

(Ok, so I DO know that boys are potty trained at any time, and I know its sooner than 4, just let me believe in my fantasy life that he is....super advanced. Ya, thats my boy. Hes going to kindergarden in the fall. He already knows his ABC's and hes already reading.)

And another potty story for today. He did it again, this time it the bath tub (which I was in with him - YUCK). He stands up and says, "Potty," and squats a little and here comes a stream of yellow urine. Now I know urine is sterile, but seriously, I was in the bath with the kid. I should have showered again....but I was lazy and just made myself forget about, I told myself that it would help cleanse my skin. And what do you do....yell NO?? Talk about mixed messages. And again, after the bath, he went in his potty again. YEA...and then as he was naked walking towards the stairs he says "Potty" and squats down, and pisses on the floor! Ok, so just once...I can clean that up. Easy, it was on the linolium. But then, going up the stairs to get clothes...he pees on 3 of the steps! Another easy one as they are hardwoods. So my question this how it goes?? Man, Im going to have to keep a supply of diapers in the bathroom!! Again, I I really ready for this??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Condoms for resale??

I heard the funniest thing on my way home from work on the radio. So, imagine as Im driving home from a LONG day at work...I hear a commercial for Trojan Condoms and this is what I hear: "Be responsible and use a Trojan every time. With their high resale value and...." WHAT!! I thought to condoms even HAVE resale value??!! GROSS!!

Then as I listened a little longer, I was cracking up. I mean I almost had to pull over!! I realized it was the radio host reading two commercials back to back. Boy, was I relieved to figure out that he went right into a car commercial. But it was like he didnt even break his stride. I wonder if he figured out how it sounded eventually. Apparently even the advertisement community is trying to save money and allows the disc jockey to say their ads for them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Golden Child

At this time in my life, as a tote around a toddler and he rests comfortably on the shelf that his sister has created for him (being my big 'ol prego belly), Ive had multiple people ask the question, "So are you done now??" To be honest, I dont think so. Jack is the mellowest kid. If his sister turns out anything like him, we could keep going. So my response to everyone is simply, we have to wait and see how this next one is.

But Jack. I tell you, what kid, er toddler eats what you put on his plate?? We had taliapia, califlower and something else and the kid dug it. No complaints, and even my husband commented that the fish was a bit fishy! At bedtime one of us says, "Jack, are you ready to go night-night?? Go upstairs??" And Jacks response is, drop what ever is in his hand and say, "Upstairs??, Upstairs??" And his little feet pitter-patter to the stairs. If we are not close behind, he comes back and says, "Mama comming, daddy comming, Roscoe (the dog) comming?" And he starts heading up the stairs on his own. He knows the routine; its toons in mom & dads bed while we put on jammies and check his sugar and give him insulin, then read a book and off to bed where his animals are taking over the crib, but he cant go without any of them!! Next is putting him down; he asks for the blanket, his monkey, bunny, elephant, and lately also the racoon and beaver, then says, "Tuck," so we tuck tuck tuck him and his animals into bed. He smiles, says night-night and we leave. He chats for a bit with his animals, then hes out. No fighting, no crying, no climbing out of the crib. I swear, hes like this with most things. Sure he can be demanding at times, but what 2yr old cant be?? So if Sophia is anything like Jack, we just might be adding another. If she doesnt sleep, cries all the time and we are just exhausted from a day with the two of them, well, we might be done. Only time will tell. As of right now, Jack is our Golden child. We ARE hoping for another.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This actually happened about a month ago, but I forgot about it until today, when we were at the grocery store again. We were shopping and at the check out lane. Jack was throwing a FIT! At first I didnt know what he was saying, then I realized it. "Broccoli, Broccoli, Broccoli!!" But it sounded more like "Bac-y, Bac-y, Bac-y." My lil guy wanted the broccoli. I quick asked the cashier if she could please ring up the broccoli first. Jack was given a huge hunk of raw broccoli and just started maowing on it!! The cashier was stunned, I was stunned, and the people behind us were stunned. He just kept eating the broccoli and was in heaven. So, do kids really like raw broccoli?? Apparently mine does. I should have got a pic of it!

Today we didnt buy any broccoli, but he saw it and was immediatly asking for it. Luckily he was also distracted by the tangerines I was buying.