Sunday, February 8, 2009

Condoms for resale??

I heard the funniest thing on my way home from work on the radio. So, imagine as Im driving home from a LONG day at work...I hear a commercial for Trojan Condoms and this is what I hear: "Be responsible and use a Trojan every time. With their high resale value and...." WHAT!! I thought to condoms even HAVE resale value??!! GROSS!!

Then as I listened a little longer, I was cracking up. I mean I almost had to pull over!! I realized it was the radio host reading two commercials back to back. Boy, was I relieved to figure out that he went right into a car commercial. But it was like he didnt even break his stride. I wonder if he figured out how it sounded eventually. Apparently even the advertisement community is trying to save money and allows the disc jockey to say their ads for them.

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