Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Golden Child

At this time in my life, as a tote around a toddler and he rests comfortably on the shelf that his sister has created for him (being my big 'ol prego belly), Ive had multiple people ask the question, "So are you done now??" To be honest, I dont think so. Jack is the mellowest kid. If his sister turns out anything like him, we could keep going. So my response to everyone is simply, we have to wait and see how this next one is.

But Jack. I tell you, what kid, er toddler eats what you put on his plate?? We had taliapia, califlower and something else and the kid dug it. No complaints, and even my husband commented that the fish was a bit fishy! At bedtime one of us says, "Jack, are you ready to go night-night?? Go upstairs??" And Jacks response is, drop what ever is in his hand and say, "Upstairs??, Upstairs??" And his little feet pitter-patter to the stairs. If we are not close behind, he comes back and says, "Mama comming, daddy comming, Roscoe (the dog) comming?" And he starts heading up the stairs on his own. He knows the routine; its toons in mom & dads bed while we put on jammies and check his sugar and give him insulin, then read a book and off to bed where his animals are taking over the crib, but he cant go without any of them!! Next is putting him down; he asks for the blanket, his monkey, bunny, elephant, and lately also the racoon and beaver, then says, "Tuck," so we tuck tuck tuck him and his animals into bed. He smiles, says night-night and we leave. He chats for a bit with his animals, then hes out. No fighting, no crying, no climbing out of the crib. I swear, hes like this with most things. Sure he can be demanding at times, but what 2yr old cant be?? So if Sophia is anything like Jack, we just might be adding another. If she doesnt sleep, cries all the time and we are just exhausted from a day with the two of them, well, we might be done. Only time will tell. As of right now, Jack is our Golden child. We ARE hoping for another.


Nikki B. said...

Crossing my fingers for you...but, I can say...that all of my children were COMPLETELY different. Avery was my nightmare!! I can't believe we had 2 more after him!

It has a lot to do with parenting...if they parents are chill and cool...then so's the kid. If the parents are anxious and nervous and excitable...then so's the kid. And yes...I'm sure I made Avery a crybaby...I was an overprotective mom with him. But...shed that once Lily came along...thank God!

schaiblejen said...

so i see you picked out a name for the baby girl... love it!!!

Carrie said...

Sophia was David's 'girl name'. Love it!!!

SO, tell me the secret. Has Jack always been a breeze at bed time or did you train him somehow? David was doing REALLY well at bed time--kind of like Jack, but suddenly it was the complete opposite. I think we finally have it on the right path again. But you have to tell me if it was something you did.