Thursday, February 4, 2010

The meaning of FAT


As Webster says, "Well filled out"

As Urbandictionary says,
1. According to Hollywood, What you are if you are a female weighing over 100 lbs.
2. The condition of weighing more than the medically prescribed average for a specific height and age range.
3."Fat" is a term that is being used more and more often now days. This word is being thrown around lightly. Fat, or Obese, means to be over sized, or enlarged. Hollywood portrays that any woman over 100 pounds is "fat". Genetics, Stress levels, Work habits, etc can effect a persons weight. Not all "Fat" people can help how big they are. Sure they can increase exercize habits, and eat healthier, but that does not always mean they will get thin."

Well, Ammie (grandma) usually goes to the gym and we always say, "Shes going so she dosent get fat." Or after dinner, we will feel bellies and say, "Oh, my belly is so fat"

Jack started patting Sophias belly saying, "Oh Soph, youve got a fat belly!"

It occurred to me yesterday that we need to NIX this word from our sons mouth! Just a week ago we were out to dinner at a sushi joint and Jack kept pointing to people saying "he's fat. He's fat daddy" Ok, so thats just a kid. Kids do that right??

Well, last night Jack and I went outside after dinner and he said he was going to run a little. His exact words were "Oh, my belly is fat. I need to run because Im fat." He says this JUST as a neighbor is walking her dog past us. And I think, GREAT! She now thinks I tell my son he has to run b/c he is fat!! Is that reportable?? Next thing I'll know I'll have social services knocking on my door!!

Fat. No more going to run/to the gym b/c of being fat. As of today the terminology has changed to: Im going for a run so I can stay healty and get strong!!

Lets see if this catches on, or if everyone that works out is doing it because they are FAT!!