Monday, November 24, 2008

Pissed, Scared, but mostly SO SO SAD. Why Jack?? On a serious note...

So, our world was just thrown upside one day which seems like minutes. Jack had been drinking TONS of fluids lately, and this worried me a little with my medical background. I joked with Criag about him having diabetes. He kept drinking and just begging for anything to drink, he was even caught drinking out of the dog bowl on two occasions. This worried me more. Why is this kid so obsessed with drinking?? I really didnt want to know, but hoping my fears would be put to rest, I asked around at work, "Did your kids ever go through a phase where they were totally consumed with getting something to drink??" No one had had this happen to them. So I took home a urine stick to check Jack's urine for glucose (which is NOT suppose to be in the urine). It was positive. Now I was scared, but hoping it could be something else. Of course we called the peditrician and they were closed; there was no physician on call, only a nurse. Now as you know, I am a nurse, and at this point, I did not want to talk to a nurse. Nothing was told to me that I didnt already know. So Today, which seems like an eternity ago, we just showed up at the peditricians office without an appointment saying, "We need to be seen." After hearing our concern, we were seen, Jack went to the lab, had blood drawn, we waited for the results and was a borderline fasting blood sugar. There is hope! However, since it was borderline, we were sent over to a specialists office, an endocrinologist, immediatly. We arrived there after stopping and grabbing a banana for us all since we still hadnt eaten. Jack had MORE blood tests done and since eating a small banana and a baby apple, Jacks suger level was WAY TOO HIGH. The new doctor, who I barley remember what he looked like physically walked us over to the hospital where we will be slumbering for the next 3 days. Our fears were confirmed; Jack officially has diabeties. Jack will officially for the REST OF HIS LIFE have diabetes. People have come in all throughout the day, more blood tests, an IV put in my poor baby's arm and now hes hooked up to IV fluids and getting poked 5 times a day, not including shots of insulin which he will be getting 4 times a day.

It was a beautiful sunny crisp fall day and we spent all day in doctors offices and now we are stuck in the hospital. Im pissed. Im scared for him, but most of all, Im just so so incredibly sad that this has happened. Why?? How?? Neither Craig or myself have diabetes in our families. My entire pregnancy with him I was so strick on diet, caffiene, artificial sweetners. His entire life Ive been a food natzi, stating he will have the rest of his life to eat cookies, candy, ice cream, cake and fried food. As Craig said, we should have fed him all the ice cream and cake in the world because it never mattered. Our baby boy is such a cute, innocent, happy boy. WHY THIS!!

Our day has wizzed by in a complete blur. We stared our day at 7:30 with the alarm and have not had a break until 10pm tonight. Poor Jack didnt have a nap today because of everyone needing to do tests, put in an IV, or come talk/educate us. He was also up 2.5 hrs past his bedtime b/c we were waiting for insulin to come up from the pharmacy.

I realize this is a very long winded blog. Our biggest fear is that he will be "labled" as a diabetic and that this will disrupt a "normal" childhood/adolecent-hood/college life style. Maybe not, but at this point, that is what we fear.

I even told Criag that I wish it was cancer of some kind because at least a lot of times that is curable with chemo/radiation. No I dont want that, but I also dont want this. Those mothers of children who have or have had cancer would probabally disagree with me about that statement, but as a mother who has not had that experience, I can say that out of naieveness (is that a word?)

So now we have to learn how to live life in a different light, and right now, Im just pissed about it. I dont want to do it, and I sure as hell dont want Jack to have to do it.

I could go on, but I think it would be the same thoughts just repeated in different words. Perhaps it already is.

Monday, November 17, 2008

When will I have my chocolate??

I swear. I dont remember having heart burn this early with Jack. I swear it was only in the last couple months. Its every night! I had a plan in place for tonight. My plan was to eat my last remaining piece of moist German Chocolate Cake with either a tall glass of milk or a glass of eggnog. But now, the thought of food makes me cringe. I so desperately want that mosit chocolate on my palate...but if I do, the burning will become worse. No matter how many Tums I eat, it dosent help. ARRG! Only 20 more weeks....when will I have my chocolate?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I just learned today that Jack does NOT like having a poopy diaper. As of recently, hes started saying, "poop. poop," and pointing at his britches, then he'll add, "diaper." Well, I love it that the kid is getting the understanding of pooping his pampers....but today, Im sitting at the computer and its Jacks nap time...actually well past his nap time...he had been up there for 1.5 hours chatting, but for the last 30 minutes just crying and screaming. I was doing what I thought would get him back to sleep...ignoring him...not really ignoring him, I had the monitor right next to me, just watching the clock going, Jack, youve GOT to get to sleep! Well, I finally gave in and went up there. The poor kid was standing in his crib, face sopping wet, snot hanging from his nose, and before I noticed all that, I was greeted with the ever so fragrent scent of a poopy diaper. YUCK, his room stunk!! So I quickly changed his diaper, held him, sprayed Lysol, cuddled him, we sang, read a book and then I told him he needed to go nigh-nigh again, put him back in the crib, stroked his cute lil forehead and left. Wow. I came down stairs, and I think I heard all of 2 or 3 peeps from him, and now hes OUT. Next time I guess Ill respond a little quicker, especially if he hasnt pooped yet in the day!! So according to Jack, there will be NO POOP IN MY DIAPER!

Its a ....

Well, the suspense is finally over. We've waited and waited and as we say, "We can either be surprised now, or later; either way its a surprise!" And now...drum roll...we will be adding a little baby girl to our family! Jack is going to have a lil sister!! I know he will be a great big least I hope so. It was so cute, after the ultrasound we were waiting for the doctor and Jack was on the exam table on my lap. He was playing with the blood pressure cuff and I laid down. Jack lifted up my shirt and put the bulb of the cuff on my belly and was moving it around like he was doing the ultrasound. It was too cute. Wish we got a pic of it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

So did everyone go out there and VOTE today and then get your free drip coffee from Starbucks?

I have to say, what a crazy time this is right now. Our economy is shot, but there is still a line at starbucks! That could only be because of the free coffe they were serving today. So on to the election. I must say I am so relieved that McCain and Palin did not make it. But I also have to say in my defense, what was McCain thinking by choosing this pagent girl?? Seriously, Craig and I laughed at every SNL skit about Palin. But in McCane's defense, I thought his concession speech was the best speech he has given during this whole campaigning thing. I actually felt sorry for him, and sad for him. Oh John, what were you thinking? On note of his speech, I hope we do all as AMERICANS (like a team, not individuals) come together and support the new president.

"I urge all Americans....I urge all Americans who supported me to join me in not just congratulating him, but offering our next president our good will and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity, defend our security in a dangerous world, and leave our children and grandchildren a stronger, better country than we inherited. Whatever our differneces, we are fellow Americans. And please believe me when I say no association has ever meant more to me than that. It is natural. It's natural tonight to feel some disappointmaent. But tomorrow we must move beyond it and work together to get our country moving again."

Lets go America!! TEAM.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costume Drama

So I worked on Halloween...but was home in time to see some of the trick-o-treaters!! But, to my surprise when I got home, Jack was in a "different" costume than what we had planned on him wearing. He was going to be this cute frog....I walk in the door and hear "Thumbs up?? Thumbs up Jack" and both of my guys are sitting on a chair with their thumbs up smiling...but they are both wearing their Urlacher jerseys and have moms mascara under their eyes....I have two football players! I couldnt resist they were too cute...but where was Jacks costume?? "Somewhere on Alberta between 35th and 37th??" Turns out the grandparents had fun with the costume on Halloween day and when Craig was coming home, he was rounding a corner and saw in the rearview mirror that the diaper bag was on the trunk! Stopping to put it in the car, that was all he noticed. Then, per Craig, a few hours later he was getting Jack ready and could NOT find his frog costume ANYWHERE. He didnt have his phone, and by now it was too late to go looking for he improvised...with football players. It was still cute, just a big oops. Our first of may to be of Halloween costume drama.