Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costume Drama

So I worked on Halloween...but was home in time to see some of the trick-o-treaters!! But, to my surprise when I got home, Jack was in a "different" costume than what we had planned on him wearing. He was going to be this cute frog....I walk in the door and hear "Thumbs up?? Thumbs up Jack" and both of my guys are sitting on a chair with their thumbs up smiling...but they are both wearing their Urlacher jerseys and have moms mascara under their eyes....I have two football players! I couldnt resist they were too cute...but where was Jacks costume?? "Somewhere on Alberta between 35th and 37th??" Turns out the grandparents had fun with the costume on Halloween day and when Craig was coming home, he was rounding a corner and saw in the rearview mirror that the diaper bag was on the trunk! Stopping to put it in the car, that was all he noticed. Then, per Craig, a few hours later he was getting Jack ready and could NOT find his frog costume ANYWHERE. He didnt have his phone, and by now it was too late to go looking for he improvised...with football players. It was still cute, just a big oops. Our first of may to be of Halloween costume drama.

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