Wednesday, August 12, 2009

See Attle

Well, last week we took a trip up to Seattle for the day. It was a ton of fun, just wish we were there longer; but it was sandwiched in between work days for me.

We told Jack about going to Seattle the night before and he got all excited about going to "Seattle." He kept saying, "Were going to Seattle tomorrow??!!" So cute because he was so excited about it. Well, the next morning, the kid does NOT forget anything. "Were going to Seattle?!" Wow. Impressive. Like I said, he doesnt forget a thing. So we are driving and he continues to chant that phrase, and suddenly we realize that he does not think we are going to Seattle....he thinks we are going to SEE Attle! So we start telling him that were going to the city of Seattle...too late. The damage was already done. He was insistent that we see "Attle." I was meeting a friend there so we totally had to tell Jack that she was "Attle" and that was who we were going to see.

It was so cute. We tried and tried, but those new station hey everything.