Thursday, November 13, 2008


So I just learned today that Jack does NOT like having a poopy diaper. As of recently, hes started saying, "poop. poop," and pointing at his britches, then he'll add, "diaper." Well, I love it that the kid is getting the understanding of pooping his pampers....but today, Im sitting at the computer and its Jacks nap time...actually well past his nap time...he had been up there for 1.5 hours chatting, but for the last 30 minutes just crying and screaming. I was doing what I thought would get him back to sleep...ignoring him...not really ignoring him, I had the monitor right next to me, just watching the clock going, Jack, youve GOT to get to sleep! Well, I finally gave in and went up there. The poor kid was standing in his crib, face sopping wet, snot hanging from his nose, and before I noticed all that, I was greeted with the ever so fragrent scent of a poopy diaper. YUCK, his room stunk!! So I quickly changed his diaper, held him, sprayed Lysol, cuddled him, we sang, read a book and then I told him he needed to go nigh-nigh again, put him back in the crib, stroked his cute lil forehead and left. Wow. I came down stairs, and I think I heard all of 2 or 3 peeps from him, and now hes OUT. Next time I guess Ill respond a little quicker, especially if he hasnt pooped yet in the day!! So according to Jack, there will be NO POOP IN MY DIAPER!

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Nikki B. said...

good sign...maybe potty training will be a breeze!!!