Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Potty training

Jack is just years ahead of his time!! Right?? Boys dont usually begin potty training until they are at LEAST FOUR, right?? Well, my super star son is getting this thing down...and hes NOT EVEN TWO!! Hes been peeing on the "potty" since Friday just when ever we sit him on it. But last night, at dinner, the kid is finished eating and says, "Jackson go potty." Craig and I just look at eachother and say, "You need to go potty?" He says (in his cute lil voice), "Yahhh." So we both get up and run him to the potty. Sure enough, the lil tot pees!! Wow. Is he ahead of the game or what?!

On the other I really ready to start the world of potty training and pull-ups?? I guess it could be worse.

(Ok, so I DO know that boys are potty trained at any time, and I know its sooner than 4, just let me believe in my fantasy life that he is....super advanced. Ya, thats my boy. Hes going to kindergarden in the fall. He already knows his ABC's and hes already reading.)

And another potty story for today. He did it again, this time it the bath tub (which I was in with him - YUCK). He stands up and says, "Potty," and squats a little and here comes a stream of yellow urine. Now I know urine is sterile, but seriously, I was in the bath with the kid. I should have showered again....but I was lazy and just made myself forget about, I told myself that it would help cleanse my skin. And what do you do....yell NO?? Talk about mixed messages. And again, after the bath, he went in his potty again. YEA...and then as he was naked walking towards the stairs he says "Potty" and squats down, and pisses on the floor! Ok, so just once...I can clean that up. Easy, it was on the linolium. But then, going up the stairs to get clothes...he pees on 3 of the steps! Another easy one as they are hardwoods. So my question this how it goes?? Man, Im going to have to keep a supply of diapers in the bathroom!! Again, I I really ready for this??

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schaiblejen said...

hahaha, thats funny! At least hes interested thats a good sign, maybe you will only be changing one diaper instead of two when the baby comes!! But as a warning... many of my kids that I see regress back into diapers when a new baby comes along, especially if they just started potty training! Good luck, he's a smarty pants!!!