Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is there something between your legs??


That was your warning. You may proceed at your own risk.

Today I had my last 2 week appt with my its once a week until baby arrives. It scared me in more ways than one....youll see.
I had my cervix checked today just because of all the "braxton-hicks" contractions Ive been having and she says to me while she has her hand shoved up my..... "WHOA. Do you feel like your walking with something hanging out between your legs?? Your baby is right here! Shes at station zero." (what ever that means, Ill have to google it later. Its been too long since I had my maternity classes in nursing school...but I knew it meant something). After talking with her, Ive been instructed to PAY ATTENTION to my body. Ok, another sign that this girl is NOT acting like our little boy. He didnt even stop to ask for directions (mandatory c-sect)!! BOYS!! She not only has made sure to get directions for the way out, but I think she is NOT taking after me....Im late for everything, shes already ready and will likely be early....damn her father for insisting on being at least 10 minutes early to things!! That was only the first part of the scare. Ok, we really better get things in order...and pick out a middle name. Maybe we will get to that after this weekend.

The second scare. Am I absolutely crazy?? Seriously. I began to question the decision I have/had made. Just her checking the cervix...OUCH. Do I seriously WANT to have a VBAC?? I mean being flayed open by professionals wasnt so bad, was it?? Do I want MORE pain/discomfort (I think discomfort may not be the right word....go back to pain) than that?? She says as your body gets more ready things "loosen up on their own," really?? do they really?? So now Im questioning the decision to have a VBAC. I guess I still have time to change my mind if I want to. HUMMM....


Nikki B. said...

one thing i will NEVER regret is experiencing a child pass through my loins!

some say they feel "less of a woman" if they don't get to experience childbirth...EFF THAT!!

give me drugs...lots of drugs...before during and after...i want drugs!!!

i tried VBAC...didn't turn out so well...avery was "sunny side up"...BOYS!!

Nikki B. said...

almost forgot...i will be thinking about you and look forward to getting word on when "the new girl" arrives!!!


schaiblejen said...

oh my gosh, it sounds like any day now! I cant wait!!!! Hang in there!

Carrie said...

Never a really good thing to surprise a midwife, I'm sure. Wow!!! Sounds like she's on her way!

What does VBAC stand for?