Sunday, February 22, 2009

new shift

UGGG!!! I finally cut back to 8 hour shifts at work, which is nice, but at the same time sucks. I still need to work my 24 hrs a week in order to not LOOSE any of my time off that I plan on using for maternity leave. So now I am working 3 days a week 11-7. One nice part is that from here on out, until July I will not have to wake up to an alarm, which also means that my new alarm is Jack, but thats ok b/c its still sleeping in. Its an 8am wake up instead of a 5:30am wake up. LOVELY...sleeping in!! AND, I now get to see Jack (and if its my weekend to work, my hubby) in the mornings before going to work, AND in the evening. I actually like the hours, it will be strange to go back to getting up and being going ALL day again. But today, 8 hours or not, we were BUSY. On top of being busy, Im getting Jacks cold and feel run down and ragged.

6 more weeks to go before baby girl gets here!!

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