Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where have you been??

Holy SHIT! Has it seriously been this long since Ive been on this site?? What the....where has time gone?? And I want to know why all you mammas out there have time for this? I can even get the damn laundry done. Really, I cant. I end up letting it pile up until we are about out of underwear (good thing Jack is still in diapers, he'd be wearing some sort of rigged undies made from socks left over from the sock monster in the dryer)! I mean seriously. How do you do it?? I barley have time to check my email. Good thing I can access face book on my phone! I swear, I spend all day cleaning, and you'd NEVER know it. Which brings me to a memory....I remember going to peoples houses who had kids and thinking to my self "What the hell...don't these people know how to clean their house?? Haven't they ever heard of picking up after themselves??" And then, today, I had an epiphaony. Yes, I did, I had an epiphany. This came after I was trying to justify (jessify, as my husband calls it) my shamble of a house to my mother in law. Seriously. Did I really need to be giving an explanation to her?? Well, now I know....HOUSES CANNOT STAY PICKED UP WITH AN INFANT WHO IS ON THE BOOB MOST OF THE DAY AND A TODDLER PULLING EVERYTHING OUT INTO THE OPEN!! Its like its against the laws of physics....its scientifically proven, this theory of mine, right?? Y'all let me know how you do it and still manage to post shit. Lucky.

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