Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sophia update

OK so Ive been home too long to not have given any updates. we have been so busy just running errands and such, but Craig went back to work this week and Ive got to say, no ones dead yet!! Those ED skills come in pretty handy! (but its only been 2 days). It seems like exponential work at times, but Im enjoying it. I just need to get my routine down (I think now I might willingly develop OCD just so I can get a routine down pat!) It always seems that Sophia is hungry just as its time to feed Jack...and I cant just slap a piece of PB toast in front of Jack and say, 'kid, eat' its more like crap...gotta check Jacks sugar, make him hold off on eating if hes low & get juice instead, figure out how many grams of carbs are in his food, draw up the RIGHT amt of insulin; all with a hungry crying baby in the background. Then quick...get her on the boob without her snapping it off b/c shes so hungry!! Then repeat at lunch time. What I need to do is feed her BEFORE its time for Jack to eat...but thats too easy! I like to do things with a small amt of challenge involved!

Oh, heres one more. we were out on Burnside (ya, Ive got to work the corners & turn tricks now with true part time wages...i find kids are more of a turn on for those sickos, work it baby!) and the rule for jack is hold hands or be carried. Well, he always wants to walk now and always chooses holing hands...but today, Im carrying Sophie in her car seat and holding jacks hand..he starts to let go and I tell him his options, theyve always been his options...and he chooses to be carried!! what?? dang it, my fault, I need to come up with a new choice for him!! so then Im carrying the car seat in one arm and Jack in the other. I think Ive had my outings for the week!! Oh wait...I have to go to the airport on Friday, my parents are coming for 2 weeks. That should be interesting...maybe Ill have them take a cab...no, theyll want to see the kiddos. Another outing to look forward to. At least I wont have to get anyone out of the car seats...maybe. I dont know if they can wait till we get home.

Today she had the grossest poop....it was all yellow mucus running down both legs to her socks and up her back. Needless to say, she had a bath today too!!

Ok...so besides finding my routine, we are doing great. I am loving our new lil bundle, and our old lil bundle. Jack is awesome with her. He lights up always asks to kiss her. He hasnt tried hitting her either.

Sophia is growing, that homegrown farm fresh mamas milk is tanking her up. shes gained 23 oz in the last 2 weeks and is officially up to 8#15oz. Shes filling out nicely and is looking cuter and cuter. She is an unbelievable good sleeper. At night she only wakes up about every 3-4 hours and eats and goes right back to sleep. its probably b/c of the fact that she is suffocating during those other hours. We have the bassinet set up right next to me...you know how useful it is?? Very. The extra pillows have a great place to rest. Yes, thats right. She is sleeping in the bed with us, without one of those 'cosleeper'things. We did it with jack and I know people around the world do it. You know, she just wont sleep in the bassinet, but next to me, she sleeps so soundly...maybe she is waking more often and just helping herself without my knowing it...no, I think Id notice THAT! Shes got a strange cry...it starts out wimpy and short, but gets stronger....its loud, but not window shattering loud. I think her eyes are changing to blue. they should be either blue or green, so were still waiting for that. All in all, shes a keeper. We keep waiting for things to change...Jack was/is such a mellow kiddo. Could we possibly have 2 like him?? I think the stars were aligned correctly or something. She is awesome, and will be even awesomer once she starts interacting, well, you know, other than staring at you. But ill take that for now. The hardest part is putting her down so i can do stuff with jack too. Im really trying to give him adequate attention too.

Its so different with a second. I took tons of pics with jack...my sis was on my case for not sending any, I said...well, I havent really taken any. She doesnt really do anything. My sis replied "well, neither did Jack, but that didnt keep you from flooding my inbox" see she was a 2nd child and she knows all too well the lack of photos the 2nd baby gets. I assured her Id start snapping away.

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