Friday, April 3, 2009

Who in thier right mind does THIS??

My husband (hes on paternity leave for 2 weeks) had to go into work to drop off some lesson plans for his sub; but before he did, he put Jack, our 2 yr old down for his nap. Now I have no idea WHO does this....puts down a toddler for a nap with out pants on....a toddler that is perfectly capable of taking off his OWN diaper. I have never done this and would never think to do it, because of course, I am well aware that he can take off his own diaper. Im downstairs listening to the monitor, feeding the new baby, and Jack is hollering "Daddy, daddy, daddy." Mind you, he had been in his crib for over an hour now. No crying, just chanting. Im thinking to myself....come on kid, go to sleep! So I text my hubby, sort of wondering when hes coming home and to let him know his son is chanting for his return. I go up to check on Jack, my sweet innocent tot and as I walk in the room I am hit in the face with a blast of some horrid smell...poop. As my eyes adjust to the darkness and I look closer into the crib, I see my son standing in his crib pulling the curtains and peeking out the window. Crap, the crib might be too close to the window!! Well, thats not the half of it. As my eyes gaze down into the crib further, I see that I have a bare bottom baby, er, toddler. And then, I see it. I see his diaper with poop smears, I see the poop in his crib, I see the poop on his hands. I quickly get him out, change him, scrub his hands and face, have to go down 2 flights of stairs to get clean sheets (thank goodness we even had a clean sheet to put on!!) and back up. I quickly get him back into his crib, and had to take away all his stuffed animals, the essentials for nap time, because they smelled of poop too! Whew. I texted my husband and it went something like this:
me: You are dead meat when you get home. Why? Putting our son to bed with no pants on...and yes, there was poop involved.
no response in form of text.
The phone rings and it is he...chuckling so hard to him self that I hear it in his voice. I tell him that he better be praying to something or not to come home and he owes me BIG for this doosey.
He eventually comes home with a "care package."
A Starbucks to make me happy now,
Two cookies to make me happy later,
And a bottle of wine for in the evening if Im still mad; or for him so that he wouldnt care if I was still mad.
The Starbucks was much appreciated.
And then, as Im getting ready to put Jack to bed for the night (I pleeded to do this because since the new baby, I havent been able to put him to bed...I miss it). I notice the stench is still there!!! I look closer....there is poop smeared on the crib railing, how did I miss this earlier?? There is a dropping of poop on the outside of the crib, AND a poop pile on the carpet I managed to step in!!! ARRG!! I immediately went to cleaning it up with Murphys Wood Soap and rinsing with water....I just wanted it clean. I should have had Craig clean it. What was I thinking?? He got out poop cleaning twice in one day!!
I think Im going to request a daily Starbucks for the rest of his paternity leave.

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