Monday, June 15, 2009

A Peaceful Moment

Do you ever have a moment just to your self?? Well, I thought I was having one right now. I had fed lil Sophia and she fell asleep in my arms. I ever so carefully laid her on the couch and cozied her up. And WOW she stayed asleep! I then wrangled my 2 yr old and stopped his stalling tactics from going up for a nap....managed to put him down without too much of a fight. YEA! And I came to catch up on my email, FB, blog. (Transitioning!) And I was able to make some french pressed coffee! Now you know that whole, Ive got two free arms and loads of stuff to do....but hesitant not wanting to wake two sleeping babes. Then it starts. The neighbors. School is out and the damn kids are always playing outside. Cant they stay inside and eat and play video games?? No, they have to be healthy active kids. Did I mention loud?? They are playing baseball with a metal bat, "TING," practically in my backyard and yelling at each other. Either someone ran too far "you missed the ball!", "no I'm not out you didn't get didn't get me!!', or celebration that there is now "2 outs yaAA!" It wouldn't be bad except that I have two sleeping babies!! Make that only one....since I put (transitioning) above. I wanted to kill them, but its only Sophia who is now awake...she just needs to nurse more. But if they wake up Jack...I will be so pissed!! I'll want to make them wish they were playing video games. But you know what?? I cant even say anything, or do anything about it. They are outside on a nice day having fun, the kids that they are. I'm just the crotchety old bitch. KEEP IT DOWN!! And just like that, my two free arms and moment of silence is gone.

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