Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

This fourth of July...we had a pretty good time. It's funny how when you have kids of your own, you no longer long for everything to revolve around you...you wish you could...but nope, those days are gone. Its now about revolving around your kids.

It was Sophia's first encounter with fireworks, and she was a trooper. She was tired, would get a little startled, but then things were better when mama decided to give her some milk. (Man, so many things to carry with us...but I will not go anywhere without my Hooter Hider!)

Jack. Well, we were so excited for him. We really felt like this year he was truly going to appreciate and enjoy fireworks. We talked about it all day. We kept telling him, "We have to wait for it to get dark." He would repeat this all day, and even came up with, "When the sun goes night-night." Eventually he started saying, "I need it to be dark." Well, the moment finally came. Instead of fighting the crowds at the waterfront in Portland, we just hung around our neighborhood. Jack is still a little young for sitting in a crowd...well, maybe its that we dont want to sit in a crowd with a 2 yr old and a 3 mo old!! Anyway, we are sitting around getting ready to watch some local fireworks. Jack is totally excited about it sitting in the Burley. BAM, POW, CRACK!!! And poor Jack was terrified!! Craig picked him up, held him close, and Jack said, "I need to go home! I need to go home!" So we started walking home and Jack said, "I need to see the fireworks! I need to see the fireworks!" We went through this charade for a short time and then we were finally able to watch them. We had a blast. The was was we needed to be a "safe" distance from the explosions. Jack dug all the different colors of the fireworks, and the sounds. When we got home, he crashed the minute his head hit the pillow. And as for Soph, she was asleep before we got home (thanks to good ol mamas milk)!

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