Sunday, July 12, 2009

Car Wash

OMG. Last weekend we were driving around and the car needed a wash. It was all four of us in the white Corolla which now had a gray sheen to it. Knowing this, we delibertaly drove past our house to one of those drive through car would be who knows how long till we could wash the car, and we thought Jack would get a kick out of it!! Weve got Jack all pumped up and excited about going through the car wash. Im thinking, sweet...entertainment and a clean car...Ill have to do this again!

Well, as soon as Jack saw the first things that beat on the car, he was a little unsure of what to think. Then as they swished on his window, he wasnt totally digging it. He was leaning in towards the middle. Then when the next round of scrubbers came, he LOST it. It was hilarious, but so sad! Here he is, strapped in his car seat screaming, a sheer look of terror on his face, and hes reaching toward us crying. The softy that I am, I had no other option but to laugh a little (it was pretty funny), and jump into the small space between the two car seats and try to hold him. Ive got one leg stuck in the front seat still, Jack is holding on to what ever part of me he can grab on to! Poor kid. I guess there wont be any clean cars in my least not with the quick drive through kind!

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Carrie said...

Oh, so sad. David did the same thing a while back when we tried that. He was a lot younger though. I had thought about trying it again but maybe I'll keep waiting.