Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Year

Wow. Another year has come and almost gone. So many things I have NOT kept caught up I will attempt to give a short version.

Its Soph's first Christmas. Her very first one! And I feel like it was just ok. Why?? Partly b/c I barley took any pictures. The poor kid isnt going to have a memory of it except what her parents caught on film, file, and we barley have any.

She's getting too damn big. She will be 9 months in 2 days. What a big girl! Im trying to savor every moment we get to cuddle...which is ONLY when she is nursing. Its slipping away way too fast! Its hard too b/c she only nurses before naps and at bedtime, which can be pretty crazy. Sometimes I'm just hoping she will hurry it up b/c I have to get back out to Jack, or we are right in the middle of something, and the other times its in the middle of the night (YES, STILL), which Im tired and really dont want to get up for anyways. But I do. Iv'e only got 3 more months of this bonding experience with her....I wish I had more time to focus on it, and less distractions. Maybe tomorrow....and the next day, and the next....and so it goes.

Many of you dont know, but we were trying to get a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for Jack. Its a super small device (about the size of a 9v battery) that is poked into his belly and can be there for 7 days. It would mean we could see much sooner if he was trending high, we could catch the lows before they got too low, AND it would mean less finger pokes. WAY LESS. We sent a claim to our insurance co. in October....they denied it. So we appealed it and Merry Christmas! We found out they are going to approve it! The device should be here on the 28th!! We are stoked about this.

What else?? I dont know...Life.

Stay tuned....I'm trying to update more frequently than the last couple months!

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