Thursday, January 28, 2010

Im gonna get you WIND!

Today, we were walking to the market. Soph was in the burley, but Jack was INSISTENT on walking. Ok, walking is good for the kid...give him a little exercise. What I didnt anticipate was how long it was going to take to get to the store! It was a little windy out. Jack took off his cute, perfectly knit hat that my mom made for him and started beating a bush with it saying, "Ahh! Go away wind! I got you wind! I got you!" I was laughing to myself at this interaction he was having with a bush. We were strolling along and I kid you not, we strolled only 5 feet until he came upon some of that wispy tall grass people plant in flower beds. The same thing happened. He started swatting the weeds with his hat yelling at it. So then, instead of discouraging my son from looking like a schitzophrenic, I encouraged it. Hell, that was one way to get us moving! So I yelled to him, "Look! Look up there (the end of the street)! There is some more wind in that tree!" He was looking so hard, and finally he yells, "Wind!! Im gonna get you wind!" And he took off running to the end of the street to again swat at the tree. I was rolling at this point. But I admit, I kept pointing out the "wind" so he would move onto the next spot, which eventually got us to the store.

It was WAY funnier in person. I assure you.

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