Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bath time pee

So, normally Jack is SO excited to get into the bath. He usually yells "BAAATH" and aids in the stripping down to his bare bum, then tries to hoist himself over (his leg can only reach the top of the tub, but you get the idea) Well, today after breakfast, I had his bath ready, bubbles and all. He sees the bath, helps with the unclothing and I take off his diaper. This is where he USUALLY attempts to throw himself into the tub. But what is he doing? Hes just standing there. So I reach down and put my chin on his shoulder and say, "Jack, do you want to get in?" Hes peeing! Standing there pissing all over the floor! Now, the kid is not potty trained...we did just support 'The First Years' by purchasing a kid toilet, but he hasnt even sat on it. Oh well, it was a small puddle. Ive got to give him credit, you dont want to get IN the tub and pee....what a smart boy I have!!

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