Monday, January 26, 2009

Airplane travel...ALONE WITH A TODDLER

Recently I went to Chicago to help my sister try and find a wedding dress (no decisions at this time). However, seeing as how Craig has to work, and my parents were driving to Chicago, I decided it would be a good idea to bring Jack. Hell, Jack is a freebie! Until he turns 2 he can ride along as a lap child! AWESOME!! Do you think I thought ahead when I booked my trip as to how big (or small I should say) my lap would be during travel?? Well, I did...but only AFTER I purchased my plane tix for me and a lap child. And then, I stressed about it a little, then decided we would both suffer b/c I was not forking over full price for a plane ride.

The flights were FULL...I mean FULL. I'm sure the passengers on the Boeing 757 were cringing as I lugged a 22 month old in my arms, my purse and a duffel bag (the child's necessities for flying, you know, snacks, books, crayons). I cautiously slid by each occupied isle seat trying not to hit the people with my loaded arms. Every once in a while I would have to apologize for either Jacks leg brushing some strangers head or my bag hitting someone. You should have seen the look on the faces of the people I had to interrupt from their peaceful pre-flight nap, "Excuse me, we have the seat over there (nodding to the window). They looked horrified. Little did they know, I felt horrified!! Thinking to myself 'oh god, what have I done!! I'm on a plane in the window seat for HOURS and I don't even have much of a lap for my "lap child" sorry everyone!'

Jack did GREAT! I couldn't believe it. At least we had a window seat so he was occupied with the other planes and trucks outside...and the sky and the clouds. I was so glad. At the end of the last flight back to Portland a woman behind us commented "Your baby (toddler lady!) did so well, I cant believe it. What a cutie!" I was the proudest mama at that moment. YES!!, I thought to myself. I couldn't believe it either...Jack was up for 10 hours b/c he wouldn't nap on the plane - do you blame him?? The poor kid was sandwiched in between a window, his moms growing belly and the seat in front of him. Thank you Jack for making the plane ride not a nightmare. I don't even want to imagine how it could have been. Well all you people out there who shun us solo flyers with lap ll be glad to know this was Jacks LAST flight as a lap child. Mama and Daddy better start saving up!!


schaiblejen said...

well i am glad you did come, it was good to see you!!! Hope you had fun

Heiss Haus said...

Jessica, a friend just shared his "I'm on a plane and oblivious people are hitting me with their duffel bags as they walk to their seats" story. I tried to find a funny video via Google on the subject to send to him, and instead found your blog and the story of your trip from Portland to Chicago. I live about 10 mi. south of Portland and my 10 yr. old daughter definitely wouldn't fit on my lap on our flights back to Ohio! :-) I enjoyed your story and am glad that it all worked out for you and Jack!

Take care,
Diana Heiss