Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it STOP

Normally I LOVE snow. Hell, I miss the snow, miss the crunch, crunch under your feet, the scarfs to add as an accessory for those winter days, the sight of the whiteness outside and the warmth of the inside with hot coco or other cocktails to keep warm. NOW, let me just say that the Pacific NW is NOT equip for these conditions. We had an "Artic Blast" and had TONS (for Portland) of snow. It was awsome....for the first day, two days...but this city shuts down!! No one can drive in it, even with their studded tires and chains. Its hilly, but besides that, I think these PNWerners just dont know how to navigate in these conditions. As I said, this CITY cant deal. Eventually the main roads were in OK condition...but the side streets, you were lucky if you could GET to the main roads!! No plows, NONE. This meant no cars could go through the streets.....this meant no mail..for 5 days! The trash/recycling trucks didnt even come and pick now we have 2 weeks of garbage piling up!! And it also meant no UPS/FedEx for Christmas. We just had a package arrive and another that still hasnt arrived. Think of all the kids...were they wondering what they had done to be a "naughty" kid since Santa didnt deliver?? How do the parents explain that one?? (Ok, so I know thats not what Christmas is about, but it happened). Stores were closed. Even if you could make it to the mall, some of the stores were closed b/c the workers couldnt get there. I even ran into a bus, a big public transist bus that was stalled out and sat all night in the middle of a road (not a side road, but not a main road) all night b/c it was stuck.

All the snow melted and I never thought I'd be happy to see the rain of the NW, but I was. Then, today I got up to go to work, and what is this?? More snow on the ground?? Could it really be?? I would still love it, if the city could plow the streets and make it usable, but since they cant, I now realize that snow is...maybe not such a good thing in this city. Luckly for us, it already melted by the time I was off work. Oh, I do miss the snow, but I guess we will just have to venture up to the mountain to play in it, b/c they do own snow plows for the roads there.

What a new perspective.

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schaiblejen said...

I love the pics of Jack playing in the snow!! cant wait to see you guys in two weeks!