Friday, December 19, 2008


I know everyone has had these moments. Ill just share the one I had tonight in hopes to bring you back to those moments you have had.

Bedtime for adults: Craig is down stairs on the computer, my eyes were closing watching the end of a movie so I come upstairs....ALONE...thats ok b/c ill probably be asleep after this, it was a long day at work. I just have to check on my little boy, and tonight, I took extra time with it. I crept into Jacks room without him taking any notice, leaned over his crib and saw the most perfact thing I could ever dream. My boy sleeping soundly. A lock of hair is in his brow, his eyes closed so peacefully, his little lips are the best thing staring up at me, Im glad he got his dads nice plump lips. He has his arms curled to his chest and his legs outstreatched in a frog-like position. He is just sleeping. Not a care b/c all the cares are gone.

I had to rest my head on the crib and just wactch him as he slumbered. What a great bedtime image to be left with.

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