Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ok, so today I had a HORRIBLE thing happen. What, might you be wondering, is more horrible than the news we recieved last week. Well, here it is: the screen on my iphone went completely blank. I couldnt get it to do anything. I tried turning it off....nothing, I tried plugging it in....nothing. So Im freaking out. I mean Ive only had the thing for a couple months, could one small bump on the ground cause this?? Did I mention that I dropped it?? It wasnt a far fall, out of my hands from about knee level. So, since this is my only phone (no land lines in our house), I loaded Jack into the car and off we went....well after I came back and grabbed some juice and the glucometer, and the insulin just in case he was low/high...a whole new way to pack a diaper bag!! We went to the Apple store and they were awsome. I was so worried I was going to have to get a new one...or a different phone, not sure I could jessify spending that much on a phone AGAIN. They tried to fix it and after no luck....they sent me away with a new one. We have the iphones, a mac and a mac book....weve had few issues, but when ever we have had any, they are awsome at fixing what is wrong or replacing it free of charge. I love Apple and will never go back to a regular PC. And its nice to know that they actually take care of you and your not trying to trouble shoot with someone on the other end of a phone...they actually see you, in person, and fix what ever is wrong.

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Carrie said...

I'm with ya, sister!!! Yea Apple!!!