Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crying moms are for wimps!!

What happens to grown women when their babies are injured and start that silent cry we all know?? Well, the silent cry, Ive seen many a time, I will pick him up, cradle him in my arms, kiss him on the head and things get better. The tears dry up and hes content with being in my arms until he sees the dog, or decides he wants to color. Today I faced a new blow as a mama. I know, I know, you guys are probably wondering what could be wrong now. I now know the sympathy and pain a mama feels when her kiddo is hurt; what happened 2 weeks ago was something entirely different. I think all moms would feel the way I felt. (GET TO THE POINT JESS). Ok, ok, so today, we were going Christmas shopping for daddy. Jack and I put up Christmas lights last night while Craig had an open house at school, so before we were leaving, I remembered that the lights stretched across the walk way just in front of the stairs. Being a proactive citizen (or wanting to avoid a lawsuit), I didnt want the mailman to trip and fall over my lights so I was starting to tape them down. I heard the screen door open, and out comes Jack....but face first. He must have forgotten since last night about the elevation change due to the first step out. Before anyone thinks I was wrong to leave the door open, let me say that last night Jack went in and out just fine. I look up and thought maybe he was just startled b/c he wasnt saying anything. He hadnt hit his head, at least it didnt look like it. He just looked stunned. And then it started....the moment when his eyes grow larger, sheer terror washes over his face, his mouth opens wide but nothing coming out, not even air. So I go up the stairs and then I see it. His face. His face is one big abrasion with blood coming down, and at this moment I cant tell if its from his cheek, his nose or his mouth. Now Im worried about a tooth-everythings intact (YES). But my poor baby, I rush inside, cradling him in my arms kissing him, and I start to cry. Now parents out there, Im sure this will get easier with time, but keep in mind, Jack has been able to keep major boo-boo free for 21 months. I just felt awful! He probably would not have had quite the scrapes if it wasnt for the sandpaper weather strip on the top step to prevent falls when its rainy (which is all "winter" in Portland), but that is what his face made contact with.

Now the other part of this.....we were going in for pictures tonight. Weve never had any photos taken of Jack (other than the ones weve taken ourselves), and tonight was the night. So initially, Im looking at him and trying to clean up his face and PLOP, a few blood droplets spatter on his sweater. QUICK, I think...Ive got to get that off!! At the time, I was still thinking we were going for pics. Well, we are not. I canceled them. We did not go Christmas shopping. Instead, we cuddled on the glider under a blanket and watched toons for 1/2 hour. Then he wanted to color. My goodness how kids make us feel. Im sure next time I wont have quite the reaction. I was even surprised by it, come on, Im tougher than I thought. What next??

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