Thursday, December 18, 2008

The new girl...already developing a personality

As it turns out, we have a stubborn baby #2 on the way. "The new girl" has decided that she will only jump around when daddy is not home. Ive been able to feel her for a while, but not Craig. Today, I was sitting on the couch surfing the net, holding a cup of coffee (low caff) on my bump and the whole cup moved. I mean it was like a Tsunami in my coffee cup! Splash! Craig was on his way home, so I called him, "QUICK, youve got to get home NOW. The new girl is moving and I KNOW you could feel her." Minutes later hes here. He plops down beside me and puts his hands on the bump. Nothing. We wait. Nothing. I think 10 minutes must have passed and still nothing. We start talking to her and pushing around on her trying to get her to move. Arrg. We finally give up; Craig moves to a chair. Then wouldnt you know it, all of the sudden theres a HUGE movement. Me, "Did you see that?" Him, "No." Then it happens agian, he saw the evidence of the alien movement from my tummy bouncing the coffee cup again. QUICK, FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET hes back at my side.....and we wait again. Nothing. The new girl is already a little stinker!!

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