Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life Lesson # 48

Never, I repeat, NEVER volunteer for additional work for yourself when youve already been at a place for a year. The mistake I made was 7 months ago. During my evaluation at work, I just happened to comment on the fact I thought the new program for the new hires was wonderful. They were all in a class, learning tons of things pertinent to our field before they were on their own. Now, keep in mind, I was saying I thought it was great. I may have even said something to the effect 'it was a bummer they didnt do this when I was hired.' Can we rewind?? Oh, wait...not yet. Its getting better: I was informed I could have access to the "modules" they (the newbies) had when they first started if I thought it would be helpful. I made some kind of comment saying, maybe some of the stuff would be good, if there was any new information it might be helpful to have access to. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Now we can rewind!! It still gets better. So I am "assigned" these 98 modules (ok, so its more like 45), and I didnt realize that I HAD to do Ive just been sitting on them for like, the past 6 months. Not too long ago, I was informed this was "ASSIGNED" to me, not just for my leisure, and they were due by Dec 20th, oh, and by the way, they had to PAY in order for me to have access to these. So now, here I am with 15 days until the deadline and I still have 21 modules left to do. Ive been doing around 2 a day...occasionally 4 a day. IM SICK OF THEM!! I would safely say that more than 1/2 of the information I already knew, but it doesnt matter....I have to complete the course in order to take the test!!! So who ever is reading.....DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT casually volunteer for more work when you dont even need it now. DONT DO IT. ok...well, I need to do another module before bed. Yuck.

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