Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ok, so now its officially been a week since our lives were thrown in the air and we were left standing to see where the pieces landed to try to put them back together. Our first real day home was Friday, so it doesn't even seen like its been that long since weve been on our own. We are slowly adjusting to our new lifestyle of poking our lil guy close to 8 times a day to check his sugar (he unfortunately is having lows after his naps), injecting insulin in him 4 times a day, and counting his carbs. I think he is doing awesome. He went from seeing the "poker" (what we call it) and balling his hands up to his chest saying "no, no, no, no...all done, all done" before we even poked him, to now reluctantly giving us a finger to poke. HUGE improvement. He still HATES the shots, but who wouldn't. Im waiting for him to stop fighting so much with that. I know it will get there. We are letting him play with the equipment when its out, and its pretty cute. He pretends to poke our finger and then holds the tester up to where he poked and says, "Zupe," which is the noise we make when the blood goes into the tester. He gets it in a way, and I can see the complete fear of it diminishing.

I worked all weekend so it was just Craig and Jack at home all day both days. Craig was a rock star, but I wouldn't expect anything less from him. Its weird too b/c yesterday was my first day alone with the kiddo. It sure is easier to give shots with two adults!! But we are managing, Jack and I. I still hate the idea of it, but what can you do....life goes on and you better figure out how to work with it.

Thanks to everyone who has had words of comfort. It was pretty emotional initially (and numbing), but its getting better. And thanks to everyone for being supportive and letting us know that we don't have to completely change our lives, that Jack still can eat normal kid foods. We are still learning all this, but a HUGE THANKS to everyone. We are also learning there are a ton of kids out there with Type I, and learning that its VERY different from Type II and that Jack will likely not run into the many of the complications that Type II diabetics face. We are also hopeful that maybe in 10 yrs, something else amazing with diabetes research will have surfaced.


Carrie said...

I'm so glad you guys are coping so well. I can only imagine how hard that must be with all the poking but it sounds like Jack is a real trooper. Thanks for updating your blog, I've been checking it pretty often hoping things were going better.


sara said...

You three are a awesome family, I am so proud of you. Nothing ever takes away how special you are! Love, Sara

sara said...

Sorry, that should have been AN awesome.....Love you! Sara