Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heat as a requirement

Certain things should just come standard when buying a house. You know, like working doors, windows that open and close, and oh, of course a house that contains heat?? We have one door we just dont use. The door knob on the outside fell off when we were trying to fix it this past summer...and I guess we are just too lazy to actually figure out how to fix it (its an older house and home depot knobs are not compatible with the door...the door I say), or we just figure we can use one of the other doors. We have a few windows that are painted shut (not by us), one window that is stuck open, and one window that we broke over the summer as we were trying to open it....the heat caused too much swelling, but damn it! we were going to get that window open for air flow and instead shattered the window. We still havent fixed that either. Now to the heat. Ok, so our heater DOES kick on, however, I swear only the main level stays warm!! Our main TV area is in the basement and its FREEZING down there...I think I could see my breath this afternoon when I went to change a load of laundry. Whatever, we can watch TV on the main level. And I thought in basic science they taught us all that heat rises...is this still the case?? Or have the laws of science changed with global warming?? B/c heat in our house does NOT make it upstairs where our bedrooms are!! (Maybe its b/c at the top of the stairs the windows let in so much friggin cold air). As Craig said, "Hey babe, I think we ought to make a requirement be heat in our next house."

Oh, and let me share this one with you!! Im at work this past weekend and when I talked to Craig he informed me that our back door is a total bust. He tells me that we had snow about two feet into our house!! What?? Im thinking....s**t...did I forget to shut the door when I left for work?? Nope. Apparently the "weather strip/seal" at our glass french doors out to our patio (which is also our main entrance/exit) is not working. Wind and snow seeps under the door, and apparently accumulates! Now, your probably wondering why we are just now discovering this....well, we are having some unseasonably cold, windy, and snowy days. Our solution?? As you can see how handy we are, we just quarantined that room off. We stuffed towels along the edge of the door, closed the heater vent in that room and shut the door. We have now vowed not to enter unless emergencies....the computer is in there. Luckly we have a laptop! Wouldnt it just be easier to go to Home Depot and get something to fix this?? Well, yes, but you see, that would take too much effort. We will just crank up the heat....and have an extra large heating bill. Are we green or what?

Oh goodness. I see we have more home improvements to add to our list for this spring!
Hope everyone is staying warm!!

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