Wednesday, December 17, 2008

911 - Seriously??

I swear, our world is turning into a permanent community who cried wolf. Im in bed lying with my hubby and were watching the news (how romantic). They just showed a few examples of what people called 911 for today. Keep in mind we are in the midst of an "Artic Blast" which is turning out to be a bit milder than predicted. OK, back to some of the 911 calls: *Um, Im just heading out to go grocery shopping and wondering if there are any areas that I need to avoid... *Im calling b/c I have a lot of staff coming from this area and wondering what the road conditions are like, Im wondering if people are going to be late... *This is not an emergency, thanks for grabbing it, I want to know how the roads are, if there are any areas that I should avoid.

OMG!! PEOPLE!! WTF?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? If your grandma, mom, husband or kid was severly injured, say from a sledding injury, or a fall on the ice and now they are unconscious, you idiots have the 911 line occupied with stupid questions about the roads. Seriously?? Wow.

I always have a little trouble with what I can/cant comment on since Im a nurse and see some of these people...but this is fair game. It was on the news. I just cant believe people in our community thinks this is ok. I did laugh, I mean how could you not laugh at this? Its commical that people KNOW they do not have an emergency, yet call the emergency line...Ill just sigh, roll my eyes and go back to completing a module for work. And maybe Ill turn off the news.

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