Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Money, Money, MONEY

Money is a great thing, dont ya think?? All the wonderful things you can get with it, like designer bags, clothes, treated like a first class superstar depending on where you shop?? Just when they think you have money to spend, how it changes they way you are treated. Reminds me of Pretty Woman. Its so true.

Ive been working a ton lately and know where all my glamorous money is going?? Towards student loans. Did they tell us when we signed up for an education that in addition to GETTING an education that we would be paying for it for an eternity?? I dont remember seeing that in the fine print....but then again, I never looked at the fine print. I was just eager to get the extra money that the government gave me that went over my loans. MONEY to spend!! That is what it was at the time. Now its a ball and chain. A teather on my leg. When is the day going to come?? I already have a list of things I want...and no, they arent designer clothes, bags, etc. It would be nice, but on my list is: a new car and a new house, neither of them being "new" but an upgrade, if you will. Oh, and a dream vacation to France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, South America, the Tropics. One day....when those student loans are gone. One day. And then Im sure there will be something else that takes the place of those things....there always is.

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schaiblejen said...

I hear ya, i get that bill every month and wonder when I will EVER pay it off!!! yuck!