Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Month Post Diabetes

Some of you have been wanting an update on the new challenge of having a toddler with diabetes. I have to say, Jack is doing wonderful. He gets (at least I think) that he has to be poked before each meal. He at times willingly gives up a finger or a toe. He still fights it at times, but nothing like the first 2 weeks. He also is doing great with the shots. He gets at least 5 sugar check pokes a day and 4 insulin shots a day. He has even "helped" with the shot on ONE occasion, by pulling a flap of skin away from his belly....only ONCE has he done this, but I was still impressed. Lately he has NOT been into the shots. But then last night while he was in the bath, his poor lil chubby arms have bruises all over the backs of them!! Cant blame him. Ok, so that sounds worse than it is....maybe Im just getting used to it...its like 3 bruises on each arm...and bruises on his legs. Ok, so its not over exagerating. His poor skin has all these bruises. Life must go on, and go on it will...just with lots of small bruises.
We were thinking that we were going to be able to do away with the 2:00 AM check b/c his sugars were looking good....but then 3 nights in a row he was low and we had to wake him up and give him juice/snack. After that, we knew we would still be setting the alarm for 2AM for a bit longer. We had a week where his sugars were perfact...but then they are all over the map again, highs and lows, but not as high as they originally were. He had his lowest hes had the other day...and the thing that just gets me is that he is NOT symptomatic!! That part is frusturating.
We are still learning how to do food. For a while, it seems that Jack, and us, were/are eating very UNhealthy. Ironic that foods low in carbs are high in fat. Weve got to find some other low fat low carb options, its just taking a while. Its a challenge when we go out to dinner or even when we are not at our house for dinner. He gets so distracted and wont eat...but he HAS to b/c weve already given him his shot! We have a NEW "juice" which is the crystal light on the go type powders. The only bummer is that if he were to ever ask anyone else for juice, thats what he would get....juice. The only bummer with these drinks is that they stain with the artificial coloring, but hey, at least he has something flavorful to drink. Its hard for me though b/c Ive been anti-artificial sweetners, and now, thats what I key in for at the grocery store. Sugar free jello, low sugar oatmeal, etc.
So, things are still pretty new with this whole thing, but we are getting the hang of it. I havent been to the gym since then b/c I was afraid to leave him in the gym they really know what to do?? And at my gym, at times there are so many kids....woud they be able to watch him?? So, the gym is waiting for me for now.
So there you have update on the diabetes scenario....I think its going pretty good...even though I still dont want him to have it.

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