Sunday, January 4, 2009

Burning down the house

Today Im at work and I get a call from the house husband...thats what hes been the last 2.5 weeks during Christmas break. He thanks me so kindly for a gift I left. The conversation goes somethinig like this:
Craig: Hey, I wanted to thank you for lighting the candle for me before you went to work...laughing (the candle that we JUST had the conversation the night before about how it makes his allergies/asthma trigger)
Me: (laughing) Oh, your welcome. Actually, I noticed it this morning when I went to get my coat. It was on all night!
C: I figured it was left burning all night. Why didnt you blow it out this morning?
Me: I was grabbing my coat from the closet and was running late and didnt have time.
C: You mean, you didnt have time to stop and "poof" blow out the candle?? So our house could have burned down because you didnt have time to blow it out? (laugh)
Me: Well, I figured the house hadnt burned down all night (laugh)
C: I think I need to take that book away from you, youve been reading it too long (Small Sacrifices - about a woman who attempted to kill her kids to be with a man. True story that happened in Oregon)

So, when I got home, my book was still waiting for me by the bed. Actually, Craig probably now wishes the house had burned down....its snowing again. Tomorrow was/is going to be his first day back after a long 2.5 weeks off....he is SO ready to go back to work...I was joking the first day back might be a snow day!!

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